Forland C-19

Cargo Pickup Truck
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 1809 CC Diesel Engine
  • 9.3 Deck Size Length
  • Payload 1.5 Tons

Forland C-10

Cargo Pickup Truck
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 1000 CC Petrol Engine
  • 7.3 Deck Size Length
  • Payload 1 Ton
New Arrival

Forland C-311

Light weight Cargo Truck
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 2771 CC Diesel Engine
  • 11 Ft Deck Size Length
  • Payload 3 Tons

Forland C-717

The large weight-lifter
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 3800 CC Diesel Cummins Engine
  • 17 Ft Deck Size Length
  • Payload 7.5 Tons

This is the most special commercial truck in Pakistan. Enjoy the 9-feet deck which can carry 1-ton payload with ease. It comes with an 1800 cc Diesel Engine, a one-of-its-kind reverse parking sensor, an electronic power steering, and an air conditioning option. There is no Single Truck in Pakistan with the same feature-set at a close price (let alone similar). The only competitor for our C19 specs costs almost twice the price of our Pakistani Truck! In this category of commercial trucks, C19 offers the best value for money.

A 2771 cc turbocharged intercooler diesel engine with 108 hp! Load it up to 3 tons, and it can still carry the payloads with utmost ease. The 80-liter fuel tank will keep you running on a long haul, reaching a maximum of 105 km/h. The 11-feet big deck can also be enlarged with another deck option (C312) below.

The large weight-lifter C717 Forland Pakistani Truck is capable of carrying up to 7.5 Tons and more ‘on the go!’ With a powerful 3780 cc engine and a 6-Speed manual transmission, carrying payloads around the city becomes easier. Its 120-litre fuel tank means a non-stop show for long journeys as well; from city to city. Contact us for inquiries and free test drives.


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